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::Blows dust off keyboard:: WELCOME BACK!!!!!!! I am ending my blogging hiatus with some really riveting, intellectual, deep-diving stuff, y’all. MY NIGHT TIME SKINCARE ROUTINE. And before anyone (looking at you, Jarrod) says “Haven’t you done that before?” let me stop you and say “YES BUT NO.” I did a general skincare product post but that was then and this is NEW. If your skincare routine doesn’t change, you’re doing something wrong. And if you don’t have a skincare routine, you’re either lucky or lazy. For those of us that weren’t blessed with permanent baby faces and spent way too much time without SPF, allow me to share with you my most recent evening skincare routine.

After cleansing, I start with this toner. It is for combo-oily skin so if you’re on the normal-dry side, check out their other formulations but I love this so much. This exfoliates, tones, and most importantly – does not strip your skin.

Now depending on what my skin concerns are for that particular day, I’ll either carry on with a couple more products (listed below) or I will jump straight into applying this overnight mask. IT SMELLS SO GOOD I SWEAR I COULD EAT IT. Watermelon everything. A little goes a long way and that little bit packs a glowy, pore-shrinking, brightening punch. I will buy this forever and ever, amen.

If I am not sleep masking that night, after the toner, I will apply this moisturizer. It smells like fruit loops and if that’s not the selling point, then the fact that its lightweight, hydrating, and radical-fighting magic in a jar should be. Oh also, it comes with a tiny spoon so you don’t have to stick your fingers into it – high five for us germaphobes!

I’ve been playing around with oils lately, it’s challenging when you have naturally oily skin but skincare oils actually have a lot of benefits and nutrients that our skin needs! I ran out of my Lotus oil that I mentioned in my previous skincare post and have been using this one instead. It’s lightweight, plumping, does not leave me feeling greasy or sticky. Makeup hack – blend a drop or two of this with your foundation for extra dewiness.

To finish it all off, I use an overnight lip mask. You’ve probably heard of this one because every beauty blogger has been talking about it, it is THAT GOOD. Highly recommend this for anyone who lives in drier climate, is prone to chapped lips, or has lip filler (especially during the first couple days when there’s some mild swelling, your lips need hydration!). I apply a very thin layer of this before bed and also use it as a gloss during the day because I love it that much. It also comes with a mini spatula for applying, another win!

Once I’m done with face prep, I bathe myself in Lush’s Sleepy Lotion. It is the dreamiest most wonderful smelling body lotion on the planet. Lavender is one of my favorite scents of all time so I knew I would like this but I had no idea how much I would ride or die for it. I cannot fall asleep without it and I never let myself run out. Seriously.

Now I’m all prepped and glowy and ready for my silk pillowcase, lavender eye mask, and soundscapes (rain and thunder is where its at, only psychos listen to white noise).

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