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A couple weeks ago we got together with some friends to try out a new restaurant in International Mall’s Bay Street Plaza, Whiskey Cake. If the name doesn’t give away what their specialities are, I can’t help you. Over 300 (!!!!) kinds of whiskey to indulge in and an impossibly delicious whiskey cake that serves as the sweetest ending to a perfect date night. WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED? Farm-to-fork, perhaps? The BEST fried green tomatoes I can ever remember having? RESERVATIONS? BRUNCH!? Check, check, check, andddd check.

Hands down, this was the BEST experience I’ve ever had at a newly opened restaurant. To be fair, my expectations were low since when went close to opening and I was anticipating some kinks during our meal, but we. had. none. The decor, the wait staff, the bartenders, the manager, and of course the food and drinks – ALL exceptional. This one is gonna become a regular in our “restaurant rotation”, no doubts about it.

Summed up: Go. GO NOW. I’ll meet you there. Find me, I’ll be the one unapologetically stuffing my face with fried tomatoes, cake, and whiskey cocktails.

Whiskey Cake : http://www.whiskeycake.com

Reservations: https://www.opentable.com/r/whiskey-cake-tampa

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