We’ve got our first fashion haul, y’all! If you’re not familiar with Lulus, let me formally introduce you to the company that takes about 50% of my paychecks. No, I mean… well yeah that’s about right. Lulus has been my go to anytime I need clothing for a special occasion, a wardrobe refresh, or JUST BECAUSE I DESERVE IT. Again, for the people in the back (cough Jarrod cough), JUST BECAUSE I DESERVE IT.

Look, I live in Florida so 90% of my wardrobe is made up of spring and summer friendly pieces but I love updating my look every now and then (read: every week). Enter Lulus. I’ve been a ride or die for them for YEARS. Their website is very user friendly, customer service is responsive, and they always have promo codes and incentives for their shoppers. (You know the promo code you need to clear that $5.99 shipping rate for the $150 worth of stuff in your cart? Yeah, they’ve got you. FREE shipping on orders over $50 plus free returns.)

Added bonus: they let their customers leave reviews (WITH PHOTOS!) on their site. I don’t know about you but this is a huge point for me. I love seeing pieces on REAL girls and I will read almost every single review on something I’m eyeing before I pull the trigger. Transparency is crucial for me – I want to know about the quality of the items I’m purchasing.

So let’s get into it, here is my little summer refresher from Lulus. Click on the link under each pic to shop these affordable pieces for yourself!

My Favorite Navy Blue Floral Print Off-the-Shoulder Dress
Biscay White Ruffled Eyelet Lace Sleeveless Dress
Beachy Dreams Black Suede Espadrille Wedges
De La Sol Blue and White Print Off-the-Shoulder Midi Dress
Waialae Gardens Black Tropical Print Tie-Front Shorts
Women & Junior Fashion Apparel - Fall In Love With Lulus.com
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