Let’s talk about fragrance! Admit it, smell is one of the first things you notice when interacting with someone. Scents, either good or bad, can make a lasting impression so I have always made perfumes a part of my daily routine. My preferred scent profile is light, clean, slightly fruity, and/or floral. I steer away from “food” (i.e. cotton candy, vanilla, etc.) heavy, woodsy, or musky scents – they just don’t work for me, I’ve tried. Now, the big question is : how do you apply your perfume? Do you spray and walk into it, spray it overhead and let it fall on you, or do you apply it right onto your skin? The way you put on your perfume says a lot about you as a person. Just kidding, it doesn’t. At all. Share your perfumes with me, I’m always looking to test out new fragrances!

Here we go, this is the list of my Top 5 fragrance faves currently in my rotation :

Gorgeous Gardenia – Flora by Gucci : A light, fruity floral scent with notes of red berries, pear, and white gardenia. This is a toilette so it does not last as long as a parfum formula, but I love it regardless. This is usually my daytime go-to when I’m grabbing lunch or engaging in other shenanigans (read: daydrinking/shopping) with my girlfriends.

Juicy Couture – Juicy Couture : This perfume has been in my rotation for as long as I can remember, at least 10 years. I will try out other fragrances but I always end up coming back to this one. I currently wear Juicy on my nights out or dates with Jarrod – it’s his fave. It is still a clean and flirty scent but since it does have deeper bottom notes, I prefer it for later in the day. It is a parfum also so this one lasts a long time.

Marc Jacobs – Decadence : This parfum is relatively new to my rotation, I’ve been wearing it for a few months now – my “winter” perfume, if you will. It is the warmest (ahem, sexiest) fragrance I have and I really love the way it smells and works with my own scent. In my opinion, Decadence smells like an expensive floral arrangement with a lot of depth – that’s a good thing! And let’s not ignore the fact that the bottle is designed to look like a handbag, so. effing. cute.

Lancome – La Vie Est Belle : My “work day” go-to! Parfum, so it lasts the entire day, and it’s light enough to not overwhelm my patients or treatment room. This is a very soft and feminine fragrance and probably the one that I’ve received the most compliments on. Initially, I was not drawn to this perfume because it appeared to be marketed towards an “older” audience, but I am so glad that read the scent description and tried it out the next time I went to Sephora.

Yves Saint Laurent – Black Opium : So the description for this scent is categorized as “warm and spicy” BUT it has sweet vanilla (not too heavy for my taste) and floral notes that blend really well to make it vibrant but not overpowering. This is another one of my evening scents since it has some richness to it.

Travel Tip : Don’t risk your big perfume bottles on trips! Stock up on free samples of your favorite fragrances at Sephora beforehand. Small, travel friendly viles that fit the liquid carry-on rules are the way to go! Plus, you can freshen up in the bathroom on layovers. Don’t be the smelly person on a plane. DON’T.

Non-Travel Tip : Do this anyways before purchasing a bottle to see how it adapts to your natural scent and test its longevity!

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