HAPPY NEW YEAR! New year, new you, right? Well if you’re anything like myself (or the masses), you love a good excuse to start FRESH. Resolutions get a lot of shit, and maybe it’s because a majority of people don’t keep them past March, but I for one love them. There is nothing wrong with setting goals for yourself and working towards a better YOU. My resolutions fluctuate from year to year but I consistently pick something health-related and this year it’s a focus on healthier snacks. I’m a snacker – I’m in my car all day so I need small bites here and there to keep my energy up and my car out of the Chick Fil A drive thru. To be truthful, I usually start working on my resolutions before the New Year so it’s not a huge shock to my system. Small changes over time work better for me than going cold-turkey on everything all at once. So if you’re focusing on making changes to your food, I’ve got a list for you of my favorite healthy snacks..

♥ Red Peppers + Hummus

Ok, to start WASH YOUR FRUITS AND VEGGIES GUYS. It takes two seconds – I buy this wash at Publix and it gets the job done. I love raw veggies, LOVE. Red bell peppers are an excellent source of Vitamin C, B6, and Folate plus they are loaded with antioxidants. I cut mine into strips and put about 2 tablespoons of roasted red pepper hummus in a tupperware and dunk my little heart out. Red bell peppers and roasted red pepper hummus may seem redundant but it’s not, feel free to swap out your hummus flavors to keep it from becoming monotonous! If peppers aren’t your thing, you can always sub for broccoli or carrots! If you’re looking for a more filling snack, try these naan dippers with your hummus – they are usually located in the deli section next to the refrigerated hummus, dips, and guac! Pop the dippers into the microwave for about 10 seconds to warm them up and then scoop up that hummus for a really awesome mouthful of deliciousness.

♥ Banana + Almond Butter

Or peanut butter, whichever floats your boat more. Almond butter is *slightly* healthier than peanut butter but PB has more protein than AB. I prefer the individual almond butter squeeze packets because they are extremely convenient when you’re on the go. I literally take a bite of banana and then squeeze the almond butter into my mouth – like a real lady.

♥ Triscuit + Guac

Ya girl loves guac. I buy these organic triscuit crackers and dip them into the individual serving cups of Sabra’s classic guac – again, another super easy on-the-go snack. I’m not one for wheat-y crackers, feels like a mouthful of straw sometimes, but these are delicious and are on frequent rotation for Publix’s BOGO deals. Plus, I use the guac when I make avocado toast (#lifehack) – lots of flavor and super easy to make on my busy mornings.

♥ Celery + PB

A classic if there ever was one. People always forget about this combo but it’s SO GOOD. I buy the celery that’s already been cut into snack size stalks and drop a tablespoon or two into the same container and I’m all set. If you get bored with the PB, you can always swap it out for a salad dressing – just watch the calories there and don’t get carried away.

♥ Tomato + Cucumber Salad

Grape tomatoes + chopped cucumbers + EVOO + red wine vinegar + salt + pepper + Goya All Purpose Adobo Seasoning. I have no measurements for this because it’s all to taste AND depends on how big/small your veggies are. I’ve seen people add feta cheese and red onions to this but I HATE eating raw red onions so no thank you. I usually add the tomatoes and cucumbers first, then mix the EVOO + vinegar together, then add the adobo seasoning followed by black pepper and then top it with salt (IF NEEDED). The Adobo seasoning can be salty enough if you’re heavy-handed with it so be sure to TASTE AS YOU GO.

♥ Coconut Yogurt + Granola

Choose your granola wisely or this becomes heavy with sugar and calories quickly. I prefer non-dairy yogurts (usually coconut based) and add a very small amount of granola to it for crunch and to give it a little more substance. Chobani makes a really good non-dairy yogurt but you might have to look hard for them, they’re usually on the top shelf and off to the side. My granola of choice depends on the flavor of the yogurt of course, but I like Purely Elizabeth’s Chocolate probiotic granola. Chobani also makes their non-dairy products in a drinkable smoothie, another super easy option to take and run! If you want a dairy based yogurt, I recommend Siggi’s Icelandic Skyr; simple ingredients, low sugar, and a decent amount of protein.

♥ Chia Seed Pudding

Add 1/4 C of chia seeds to 1 C of milk (I use almond milk), stir, place in the fridge x 20 minutes, stir again and then let it set in the fridge overnight. Chia seeds have a ton of health benefits but you want to make sure you’re soaking them to get the most benefit – a hydrated chia seed will help you feel fuller for longer. Once it’s set overnight, I will add a few (large) spoonfuls to yogurt and mix it all together – you can add granola, fruits, nuts, etc. to it for a heartier snack. This will keep in your fridge for about a week before you need to toss it and make a new batch.

♥ PB + Apple + Chocolate Chips

Of course I have to have a snack that includes chocolate chips. I will chop up an apple (usually gala) into medium bite-sized pieces, melt PB in a small dish in the microwave and then drizzle over the apples in a bowl, then sprinkle the chocolate chips on top. If you want this on-the-go, just prep it all in a tupperware – it’ll still be good to go when you’re ready to eat it. This also counts as my dessert on some nights, there’s PLENTY of natural sugar from the apple and from the chocolate chips to curb my sweet tooth. As always, go easy with the PB and chocolate chips or the healthy side of this fades fast.

I hope everyone had a safe and fulfilling holiday season. I can’t wait to see what this year has in store!

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