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This is my carefully curated list of my favorite Amazon finds from this year. We all know the overwhelming feeling of searching for one product and having to scroll through endless items and read countless reviews before we finally buy the damn thing. So if you’re in the market for any of these randos, I’ve got you.

This water bottle. I made a resolution at the beginning of the year to drink more water so I started buying the largest bottles they had for sale. Only to have them crack when I (barely) dropped them, not be dishwasher safe, or GROW MOLD. (Yes, grow mold. A lot of the mouthpieces have silicone pieces that could not be removed and would grow mold no matter what I did. EFFING DISGUSTING.) So my final attempt were these glass water bottles with a silicone sleeve and a plastic straw. I have the white one and the pink one so I can alternate and still stay hydrated when one is in the dishwasher. They can hold both hot and cold liquids, are BPA free, come with 2 straws, and if you break yours within one year of purchasing the company will replace it for you. Doesn’t get much better than that y’all.

Speaking of hydration, I’ve been adding this hydration multiplier to my water once a day (especially after a workout). My favorite flavor is Lemon Lime – it tastes like a much better, less sugary version of yellow Gatorade. WHICH IS ONE OF THE BEST FLAVORS AND I WONT BE TOLD OTHERWISE. If you’re like me and can’t always drink water as is, I recommend adding something like this to get your water intake. Even if you don’t believe that drinking this stuff is equivalent to drinking 2-3 bottles of water, at the very least it’s still getting you to drink more H2O which is a win in itself. Someone whose name rhymes with Schmarrod also adds these to his water after a night of drinking and before he goes to sleep in an effort to thwart hangovers – gotta say, it definitely seems to help. It doesn’t make the water fizzy, carbonated, or chalky – it says to add it to 16oz of water but I usually put it in my 20oz water bottle and it works fine and still has a nice flavor!

When it’s time to DEhydrate myself (read: drink coffee), I use these v fancy glass mugs. Something about drinking your hot coffee out of a clear glass mug feels very extra and I am INTO IT. Gone are the days of miss-matched crazy coffee mugs, this beverageware is chic and classic.

Moving right along with kitchen items, I bought this mini ceramic pan back in July and instantly became obsessed with it. It’s the tiniest, cutest thing EVER and I can cook an entire breakfast with this one little dude. It’s non-stick so I can easily transition from hashbrowns to eggs to simmering berries. It’s the perfect pan for “one-person meals” and I’d much rather clean a 5″ pan than use one of our bigger monsters – it just seems wasteful and like more work! Not to mention, since the mini pan is so easy to clean, I can use it day after day with no problems.

And then I found this kitchen torch and started setting fires to everything. Not really, but I am always looking for excuses to use it and I usually show it to people when they come over (I’m v cool). I got into an oatmeal phase a while back and since I loathe monotony, I needed ways to keep breakfast fun and delicious. So I started bruleeing brown sugar on top of my oatmeal, of course I added nuts and seeds and berries, but there are few things I love more than burnt sugar. The torch is refillable but you have to buy the butane separately. My firefighter husband was very concerned with my new toy, but I assured him, with my finger on the trigger and a blazing flame coming out of the torch, that I know exactly what I’m doing even when I don’t. As of now, I have not burned or set fire to anything or anyone so the safety features work!

If you hate the dentist like I do, then you are always looking for ways to keep your oral health on the up and up so that your routine visits to the dentist are uneventful. Enter the tongue scraper. I first heard about this on The Skinny Confidential podcast and thought WTF? So I did my research and looked into it, bought one, and will never go without tongue scraping again. I won’t get into all the grossness here, but if you think about all the crap that gets on your tongue and then gets pushed DEEPER into your tongue with brushing, you won’t hesitate on the tongue scraper. Twice a day, first thing in the morning and then before brushing and flossing at night. And if you’re extra (like me), you add oil-pulling to the mix a few times a week. Tongue scraping, oil-pulling (I can only do 5 minutes), flossing, and brushing all make for very easy visits to the dentist and a little gold star on my chart.

Another TSC rec were these salt rock lamp nightlights. I bought two for my side of the room because Jarrod hates any and all light in the room but these give off a very soft warm glow, it creates a very calming and zen space for my bedtime routine. It comes with two types of bulbs, clear and color-changing (I’m using the clear in both of mine) and comes with a super convenient on/off switch on the front. The main benefit of salt rock lamps are to help purify the air (when the salt gets heated from the bulb, it gives off negative ions). But if you’re a naysayer and not into the “woo” (totally understand, you do you), I still recommend these for the beautiful and cozy glow that they create.

Of course I have some beauty finds on here, Amazon is great for those! I bought this in-shower scalp massager a couple months ago and wish I hadn’t waited so long. It has soft, silicone bristles that really help clean your scalp and suds up your shampoo so that you can thoroughly clean and moisturize your hair AND scalp. It’s been a game changer for me especially considering how much product I use on my hair! If you’re tender-headed, fear not. It’s very gentle and you control the pressure anyways!

I also love these no-bend hair clips – you’ve probably seen celebrities with these in their hair while they’re going through glam. These will keep your hair out of your face while you apply your makeup (or go through your skincare routine) and they won’t crease or break your ‘do. And keeping with the anti-break theme, these spiral hair ties are a game changer for ponytails. If you sleep with your hair up (you should be, FYI), these are much nicer to your strands than those harsh rubber ones. They provide a nice, light grip without ripping your hair out. I have a lot of hair but it is thin and it still holds up well in these coils!

Next up, razors. But not just any razors – face razors. Because it’s 2019 and the secret is out – WOMEN SHAVE THEIR FACES AND WE LIKE IT A LOT AND WE DON’T CARE WHO KNOWS IT. Ever heard of dermaplaning? Same thing, but this is a DIY at home. Shaving provides an awesome exfoliation that allows all those products that you spend your hard earned money on to actually get into your skin and WERK. It also makes makeup application much smoother. If you’re worried about your hair growing back darker or thicker, DON’T BE. It’s peach fuzz at most, not noticeable. If your hair grows in dark or thick, that is a hormone related issue, not a shaving one. I use a light foaming cleanser and shave twice a week or so – not how a man shaves his face, so don’t get it twisted.

The last couple of years we’ve seen a spike in all things “meal-prep”. What good is meal prepping for the week if you don’t have a lunchbox that can hold the containers OR if your containers aren’t divided or decent sized? Enter this lunchbox and these meal prep containers. The lunchbox was super important to me, I am in my car ALL DAY for work so I needed a lunchbox that could hold multiple snacks/meals or else I’d be pulling up to Chick-Fil-A and gettin myself some nuggets, well-done fries, and D-Peppie. The lunchbox comes with 3 (dishwasher safe) tupperwares that ALL fit inside and two ice packs, there’s also a zipper compartment on the back that can hold your beverages (or in my case, drinkable yogurt smoothies). The meal prep containers also fit into the lunchbox but only 1 at a time (and at an angle); so if I’m fasting or only working a half-day, the one container is sufficient. Otherwise, when we meal prep for the week, we divide everything out into the containers and store them in the fridge. They are reusable and also microwave safe so if you need to heat up your food, it’s all good.

Wrapping up my 2019 Amazon finds with my new favorite life/beauty hack: wig tape. No I don’t wear wigs but people who do clearly take them very seriously cause this tape is LEGIT. Double sided fashion tape crap never works on my low-cut tops, EVER. Enter wig tape. The answer to all your cleavage problems, no longer will you have to constantly adjust your top and be on boob patrol – wig tape will stick and grip, even against all odds when your tipsy husband is inappropriately groping you in public (#PDA). Brush the dust off your plunging neckline tops and bodysuits babes, WIG TAPE IS THE TITS. Pun intended.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas holiday and is ready to bring in 2020 with fresh eyes and happy hearts!

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